Nice to have you here!!

You will see a bit of my work and

 you will get to know me more...


My sources of inspiration are the music, the silence,

the shower, the bus, the bike, and the internet


I'm a lover of  type based design,

I admire with high-standard motion graphics, 

and I could be all day in a bookstore contemplating creative editorial design books.


I'm an environment lover,

I have a re-use/re-cycle/re-duce lifestyle,

I´m an animal lover,

veggie lover and transport by bike lover. 


Motion graphics, corporate videos, animation of key visual,  studio case videos and screen loops.



Most of these logos belong to a small business that required my work to start their companies image.


some of them are "temporary logos" used for specific events and campaigns, and some of them also used as Key Visual.




This section shows designs that were made to visualize concepts and events ideas

to companies.




Printed pieces that were part of bigger campaigns such as posters, brochures,

business cards, signs, displays for retail and merchandising.



Digital campaigns, websites, digital newspapers, icons & infographics, screen protectors, phone applications